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About Me

Jim Marks

Jim Marks

  Webmaster/Marketing Manager


I'm Jim Marks of Lovell, Maine, ready to serve your marketing and internet needs. As you can see, I have an enormous staff of one. I work alone. But, I also have a lot of collaborators with expertise in many areas. Some are local, and others somewhat distant. As far as my personal experience, I've been creating web sites for 12 years. I've also worked as an in-house webmaster for several companies, including a magazine, a book publisher and a real estate company.

Long ago, I was literally handed the initial knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) from one of the best in the business. And, back then, it wasn't even considered a business. Google wasn't even around. Alta Vista was the top search engine. MSN didn't even have a search engine. Oddly enough, although I've followed SEO in the forums and with colleagues, very little has changed. That is, if you didn't follow the latest fads and tricks to get top rankings. You can be guaranteed that any site I build for you will do well in the search engines, which saves you the high fees of pay per click, and the frustration of low traffic. It does take a while to build traffic on any new site. But, it will happen.

Why were these secrets just given to me? I authored a novel that was released back in 1997. Of course, the first web site I ever created (1996) revolved around the release of this book, published under my pen name, James Joseph. After it was published, one of my readers liked the book so much, he showed me how to get it to the top of the search engines for certain phrases. I've been difficult to beat ever since. He's impossible to beat.

To further publicize my book, I took on the task of creating a web site for the publisher. I eventually ended up creating optimized pages, marketing copy, and book scans for more than 50 authors. That gave me plenty of experience with marketing and designing large web sites without a database.

I also spent a few years as an editor for a small quarterly magazine, created their web site, converted 3 bodies of information into books, and brought them through the publishing process. This included marketing them, and creating press releases for several different types of media. During this time, I also edited the magazine, wrote articles, and maintained several regular columns.

The last 10 years have been spent as a marketing director of a local real estate firm, responsible for their web site, print ads, press releases, and ancillary web sites, among other duties.

I have extensive experience in copywriting, web design, marketing, search engine optimization and scripting languages. I prefer to work with local businesses in the Mount Washington Valley area of New Hampshire and in Western Maine, where I can easily visit the business and meet with owners or marketing directors.



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